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Tubli Rätsep sewing and alterations

Garment and home textiles repair and alteration. Our professional team lends a hand in making your beloved items last longer and look better on you. We are here to: • Repair – mend wear and tear, fix split seams and hemlines, replace lining, lost buttons and etc. • Zippers -- fix or replace a broken zipper on all garments. • Replace , secure or add buttons, snaps, cringles etc. on all types of garments; • Alter clothes to make you look your best – shorten trousers or dresses, adjust sleeves and waistlines on all garment types and materials, add pockets or lining. • Home textiles --sew, alter and mend anything from curtains to bed linens. • Provide hemming, edging and seaming services on all material types. • Repair and alter leather garments, fur items. We strive to provide high quality services in the shortest possible timeframe (timeframe is subject to the current situation). Most services can be provided as express upon request.



Tubli Rätsep

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