About Us

About us

Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre opened in 1998, and became the very first and largest shopping centre in Estonia.
Since then, it has been rebuilt and upgraded several times. And for many residents of the capital, it has become a favorite place for shoppers. The centre has 57,000 square meters of business space with 148 tenants, of whom 134 are shops and 14 restaurants.
Rocca al Mare is the only shopping centre in Estonia where the stores are arranged in a range of colors and themes, which helps customers to quickly find the goods and services they need. All visitors at the shopping centre can use the free cloakroom service, and for those arriving by car - parking for 1,250 spaces.
In the next decade, the surroundings of the Rocca al Mare shopping center will change beyond recognition, turning into a kind of centre of the rapidly developing western part of Tallinn, where in addition to the shopping centre there also will be  a large residential area, office buildings and a hotel.