Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre offers free customer parking, which is located in front of the shopping centre.There is also covered parking available on the second floor of the shopping centre. The car parks at Rocca al Mare provide up to 1250 free parking spaces.

Car Park terms and conditions:

  • At the time that your vehicle entered the car park the contract between the vehicle owner and the parking operator comes into force, based on the terms and conditions below.
  • You must drive carefully in the car park and obey all directional signs, markings and speed limits. You must comply with all instructions or requests given by any of our employees, or anyone who we have authorised to act for us, for controlling traffic and the positioning of vehicles within the car park. DO NOT stop or park in places that are marked with appropriate signs. Only registered vehicles can park in the parking lot.
  • Responsibility for parking and driving in the car park lies with the vehicle owner.
  • If you park your vehicle in the car park, but do not comply with or breach these Terms we may issue you with a penalty charge notice of 35 euros, which the owner of the vehicle must pay.
  • If we, or anyone who we have authorised to act for us, think that your vehicle is causing an obstruction in the car park, or that your vehicle is not parked in the most efficient way, we will contact the relevant authority to request that your vehicle is removed, which the owner of the vehicle must pay.
  • If you have any queries relating to these Terms, parking fees, penalties and other charges, or towed vehicles, please contact us on 673 5000.
  • The use of the car park by driving schools is prohibited.