About the centre

Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre opened doors in the year 1998, being the first and biggest such shopping mall in Estonia. In the year 2005, Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre was acquired by Citycon Oyj – real estate development company that specialises on the development and maintenance of shopping centres.

The advancements initiated by Citycon Oyj were launched on 1 October 2008 with the opening of the first renovated section of Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre. In May 2009, a new fashion section was opened in the left wing of the centre, featuring a broad range of international and domestic brands. The fully renovated Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre will welcome its visitors starting from the autumn of 2009. There are over 170 tenants on more than 57,000 square metres of business space in the centre. The most recently opened section features several brand shops, a shop of the highly regarded I.L.U trademark and the Rocca al Mare beauty salon.

A wide and versatile restaurant area offers a broad range of different cuisines. Several hundred brands are represented in the centre, and many of those brands have their only Estonian representative outlets in Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre. The centre's colour and theme coordinated positioning of shops, which is unique in Estonia, makes it easy to find products and services.

All visitors can use a free-of-charge wardrobe, and more than 1,300 parking spaces are available to those who come by car.


Tax free

People residing outside the European Union (residents of countries that are not part of the EU) are entitled to a reimbursement on VAT from the goods purchased in the European Union, if they take the goods with them when leaving. Thus, when making purchases in different shopping places offering a Tax Free service, tourists are able to make their trip even more enjoyable.

When paying for goods in the shop, ask for a receipt with VAT reimbursement from the salesperson.

When leaving the European Union, present at the last border crossing point before exiting the EU your passport, purchased goods and receipts to a customs official. The customs official confirms the exports of goods by stamping the receipts.

Present your stamped tax refund receipts and passport at a Global Blue Customer Services refund point and they´ll issue your refund immediately, either by a transfer to your credit card on in cash.

*The VAT rate is 20%. Your refund amount is the VAT less an administration fee.
*The minimum spending amount in a store per day is 38,01 EUR.
*Customs confirmation about the exports of goods must be obtained by the end of the third month following the month of purchase at the latest.

Spend a minimum of 38,01 EUR and save up to 14% of the purchase price.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates in the value of EUR 10, EUR 20 and EUR 35 are sold at the information desk of the Rocca al Mare shopping centre. The gift certificates can be used in all the shops and salons of the Rocca al Mare shopping centre (except in H&M, bank offices, insurance bureaus, service centres, the casino and at the temporary selling stands in the lobby). The gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash. The gift certificates are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

The information desk employees will exchange gift certificates issued for Estonian kroons in sums that are not smaller than the abovementioned values in Euros (and that lack the expiry date imprint) with Euro-valued gift certificates and the new certificates will be valid until the new expiry date marked on them.

The gift certificates issued for sums that are smaller than the abovementioned values in Euros will be valid until the expiry date marked on them. In case you have any further questions regarding the gift certificates, please turn to the information desk.


Buses: 21 (Balti jaam/Train Station), 21B, 22 (Vabaduse väljak/Victory Square), 37 (Keskuse tn)
Trolley buses: 6 (Kaubamaja), 7 (Balti jaam/Train Station)

Bus stop nearest to Rocca al Mare: Zoo/Haabersti.

Official taxis of the Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre are Tallink Takso (phone. 1921) and Tulika Takso (phone 1200) Before taking the taxi, ask the taxi-driver for an estimated price to the destination.
Prices starting from:
To the harbour approx. 10 €
To the city centre approx. 9 €
To the Kristiine Shopping Centre approx. 8 €


Recycling machines

The packaging recycling machines in Rocca al Mare trade centre are situated inside the centre, beside Prisma, near the shopping carts.


There is open parking in front of the shopping centre and sheltered parking on the roof of the centre's first floor. All parking is free of charge.

Green energy

Rocca al Mare is Green!

The Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre is the first major commercial facility in Estonia that prioritises the use of renewable energy and green thinking. With its environmentally friendly operation, the shopping centre wants to set a positive example for all other shopping centres and also for its customers. Therefore, the shopping centre became a Green Energy (offered by Eesti Energia) customer in 2009. The Green Energy label proves that all the power used by the shopping centre is produced from renewable resources.

On 9 February 2010, the Rocca al Mare shopping centre was officially presented with the international LEED Green Building certificate. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is a recognised international rating system which rewards efforts in six major areas: sustainable sites; water efficiency; energy and atmosphere; materials and resources; indoor environmental quality, and innovation and design process. Rocca al Mare is the first LEED-certified company in the Baltic countries.


The Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre and its neighbours create a perfect environment for both shopping and leisure. When visiting the Tallinn Zoo (www.loomaaed.ee), Al Mare Bowling (www.amb.eewww.sakusuurhall.ee), Premia Ice Arena (www.icearena.ee) or Open Air Museum (www.evm.ee), you're always welcome at the Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre!


Citycon is a leading owner, manager and developer of urban grocery-anchored shopping centres in the Nordic and Baltic regions, with assets under management totalling approximately EUR 3.3 billion and a market cap of more than EUR 1 billion at year-end.

Headquartered in Helsinki and specialising in grocery-anchored retail shopping centres, Citycon is the No. 1 shopping centre owner in Finland and Estonia and among the market leaders in Sweden. Citycon has also established footholds in Lithuania and Denmark.

Citycon's shopping centres are located in urban environments close to where customers live and work and within close reach of public transport, health care and municipal facilities.